Life after Bankruptcy

Life after bankruptcy can be challenging, particularly when it comes to a person’s ability to receive loans or financing for a home, a car, an education, a credit card, or a small business.

This site is dedicated to helping individuals negotiate the various obstacles they will face while trying to rebuild credit history and improve their financial situation after declaring bankruptcy.

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The Four Riskiest Business Types and Why They’re a Risk

The four riskiest business types are identified based on the types of risk incurred .

How to Get Auto Insurance after a Bankruptcy

How to Get Auto Insurance after a Bankruptcy

Going through bankruptcy can not only be personally painful, but it can also affect your credit in adverse ways, possibly inhibiting your ability to get loans for things such as a car, home, and even possibly a job or an apartment rental .

How to deal with bankruptcy

If you went bankrupt, it would have a significant impact on your finances, your credit record and your future .

Side Effects of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a very real alternative for people who have more debt than they are able to pay .

Opening a Checking Account after Bankruptcy

Opening a Checking Account after Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy presents many unique obstacles to those looking to establish any sort of financial independence afterwards .

Jobs after bankruptcy

Finding a Job after Bankruptcy

In today’s economy, many employers require various screening procedures before hiring a potential new employee, including drug screening, background checks and credit inquiries .

Common Post Bankruptcy Mistakes

Common Post Bankruptcy Mistakes

Filing bankruptcy is a great option for many people who are unable to pay debts they owe to various creditors, but it is not without complication .

Child Support and Bankruptcy

Child Support after Bankruptcy

Child support is one of the most important obligations any non-custodial parent will ever have .

Cell Phones and Bankruptcy

Cell Phones after Bankruptcy

In today’s day and age, cell phones have become more of a necessity than a luxury and it is increasingly difficult to find cell phones after bankruptcy .

Can a Company Voluntary Arrangement save your business?

The last thing you want for your business is for it to be dragged down by a history of debt .

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